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How to Use SPF Skin Care – Learning From the Experts

August 17th, 2010

How to Use SPF Skin CareThere is a spectrum of sun rays that cause a lot of harm to the skin such as skin cancer of melanoma and innumerable less common disease. Besides there are several types of skin the world over. Therefore each skin type reacts in a particular manner with these harmful rays and requires different types of skin care. Therefore American Association of Dermatologists and The Food Administration Agency have made several recommendations to the people.They have published across several media the necessary precautions every single person will have to take for skin disease prevention. The Dermatologists recommend the use of spf skin care in the form of sunscreen as an everyday routine.

Additionally they recommend that the sunscreen have a Sun Protection Factor of about 30 for everyday use. This will have to be applied almost half an hour to twenty minutes before you expose your skin to the sun. This buffer time is required for the sunscreen ingredients to penetrate your skin and become ready to shield the skin from being the harmful rays and help in skin care.

The first thing to know about spf included sunscreen is that they are available as over the counter products in wide-ranging and mind-boggling varieties. Creams, lotions, gels, sprays and wax sticks are some of the forms and the ingredients used to make these spf skin care and other products.
The second thing to understand about applying the spf included sunscreen is that these need to be selected according to your individual skin type. Moreover different parts of the body require different forms for effective skin care.


-For hairy regions like men’s chest etc, gels are ideal.
-For dry skin, creams are recommended.
-As creams are thicker it is ideally suited to apply on the face
-For around the eyes, the wax sticks of spf included sunscreen are the most ideal
-For children and skin that is ultra sensitive to sunscreen, special sunscreens are recommended.
Despite all this information available most dermatologists are peeved because studies and observation has proved that the sunscreens are being applied wrongly by most people. Thus, there is lack of effective spf skin care and hence there is no effective prevention against the risks of skin cancer.

The experts have observed the following:

1.Very less: Dermatologists suggest that adults require the minimum of a shot glass full of sunscreen lotion for each application and good spf skin care. This should be applied at least two hours in advance. This will give the sunscreen the time to penetrate deep into the skin and create a shield or a barrier which will deflect the harmful rays from penetrating the skin.

2.Very Late: The timing of the application is very important. If you merely apply the sunscreen and walk out into the sun, then the sunscreen will not be beneficial. It definitely requires that buffer time of a minimum of 20 minutes, before you expose your skin.

3.Very far away: As a rule sunscreen sprays with spf are used to protect the children from being harmed by the harmful rays of the sun. What experts have noticed is that the mothers would spray from too far a distance for the sunscreen to coat the child evenly and create the invisible shield against harmful risks of sunburn and proper skin care.

4.Very Old: Experts opine that there is a habit of people retaining the sunscreen lotions of previous summer. If the expiry date is effective then it is safe to use the sunscreen lotion. Even if you use the prescribed quantity of sunscreen, it will be ineffective and you will continue to be under the risks of sunburn and UV rays. On an average an adult would go through a bottle after four uses.

Keeping these viewpoints of experts in mind, maintain a regular routine for the application of sunscreen which has a spf of about 30. Ensure that you reapply the sunscreen, even over the earlier application every two hours for good spf skin care.

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